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Hello Wisconsin!!

Thanks to Derek Collins, owner of Milwaukee Pedal Tavern, who worked closely with state legislators to pass a bill in 2014 legalizing pedal pubs in the state of Wisconsin, we are able to legally operate and bring our bike anywhere in the state! We are the first and only mobile pedal party bike in Wisconsin!



Our Features

Functionality You Will Love



Our seats and bars are adjustable for little legs to pedal. We are always looking out for the safety of our riders, which is why seatbelts are required for all kid friendly rides and no alcohol is allowed onboard. We LOVE family rides!


Comfy Seats

Owner and Operator, Tristine Fleming, customized each seat with fluffy backings on each pedaling seat to make your riding experience more comfortable and easy on the back.


Wheelchair Accessible

Our bike was specifically designed to accommodate anyone and everyone, including people with disabilities. The back bench is taken off for the ramp and put back on after wheelchair riders are securely onboard.


The Fun Stuff

Take selfies or videos with ease with our attached phone holders, and place your drink in the bedazzled cup holder. We also have a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite music.

Guests Pay for Rides

Your guests pay to ride. You pay an extra deposit of $500 to cover any time slots we're not fully booked for rides. If all times slots offered were booked and paid for, you will receive a full refund. Each time slot not booked will be charged $200 to compensate for our time.

Pricing Options

Free to Customers

For a flat fee of $1200 per day,

you can offer your participants free rides. 

*Traveling deposit of $500 is required for any and all bookings.

Any funds not used for transportation expenses will be refunded.

By the Hour

For smaller private parties, rent the bike for $400 an hour, plus a traveling deposit of $500. Any unused traveling fees will be refunded.

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