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Our New Starting Point

We're very excited to announce our new starting point is at Smoke'd on the Water. Owner, Caleb Robinson, has graciously given us the green light to operate at his incredible outdoor venue, located at 3 Fifth Street, right next to the boat landing. This exciting location is the perfect location for Heavy Pedal Tours because it also features live music almost every day!

What's also really cool about this spot is that you can purchase your 3 cans of alcohol right at our starting point! No need to buy 12 packs, or unnecessary drinks. While you are still able to bring your own, you cannot bring any of your alcohol onto the premises of Smoke'd after your ride. We value Caleb's hospitality and we ask our guests to respect his rules. You are more than welcome to continue drinking on our bike if there aren't any more rides after your ride.

One other thing: the food is absolutely amazing at Smoke'd!! It's also very affordable. Another great reason we decided to partner with Caleb.

As always, arrive 15 minutes prior to your ride for check-in, seat adjustments, alcohol count, and introductions. We will only be there if rides are booked in advance. We may sometimes ride down and park if we're offering special deals, and those will be announced on Instagram and Facebook!

Rock on Racine!

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