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My Solo Tour

I'm so excited to announce that this Rockstar is going solo. Sole Proprietor, that is. No partners. No investors. Just moi! (That means "me" in French for those of you who took Spanish in high school.)

The dynamic duo-ship, girl gang has parted ways. If you ever need to test a friendship, just start a business together. You'll learn real fast whether or not your friendship can endure hard times or not.

Normally this would be the time and place I'd let loose and spill the tea. No sugar tonight in my tea. Sorry.

I could lash out. I could tell the whole horrid story. I could show the receipts. But instead, I'm simply going to thank Eva. Because without her generous donation towards the build of the bike, I wouldn't be where I am today. So thank you Eva.

So where am I today? What happens next?

Good questions. I have good answers.

Rollin' on, rockin' along the way. I'm not sure I've ever felt so damn confident about this business until this very moment. Because right about now was when I usually crawled into my dark closet and broke down. I'm not breaking this time. I've been broken too many times to keep breaking. I am just a shattered mess ready to get this business rollin'.

I'd love to say, "And I don't need anyone to help me make that happen!" But I don't know very many small businesses that made it that way. Someone along the way helped, and I'm not too proud to admit I need help.

I have a big, beautiful machine on the shores of Spain waiting to come home to momma. (Insert Ozzy's voice singing, "Momma I'm coming home," here.) I'm momma, by the way. She's mine and she belongs here with me. What do you think? Can you help my baby get home?

WAIT! I'm not begging for money. I'm not even asking for it. I'm willing to give YOU something instead.

How the hell does that get the bike here?

Glad you asked.

The bike is ready to be shipped and it'll take up to 20 days to get here. The balance due to make that happen is $20,000. Jokingly, I said it would take 200 people to donate $100 each to make that happen. And that's when the bright 💡 went off over my head.

Once Pleasant Prairie approves the policy to operate, I'll be able to get my business license in the Village. That means I can start accepting payments for reservations. And THAT means you can help me get that bike here, but ONLY by getting something in return.

I will be offering an Exclusive Membership to anyone who reserves the pedal pub for a private tour ($450 value) during the Membership Enrollment Period. You will be allowed choice dates before anyone else, which would include Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and our primetime sunset and evening party rides.

But wait, there's more!!

Your private party will include food and alcohol. You will also receive members only discounts and goodies!

  • 50% off up to 4 individual reservations ($80 value)

  • 25% off all other tours for the 2023 and 2024 season!!

  • Free Heavy Pedal Tours merch: tshirt, coozie, tote, and hat ($50 value)

  • Free Membership Pass with customized lanyard and pins

Your cost: $500

This offer will only be available for one week because the bike needs to be paid off and shipped at the very latest by the end of March.

I cannot legally sell any tickets until Pleasant Prairie gives me the green light, so please follow Heavy Pedal Tours on Facebook and/or Instagram for this exclusive event announcement!! (The sale will take place here on the website.)

Thanks again to everyone who continues to follow this crazy journey!! I can't wait to roll with you.

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