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​Guests are allowed to bring three 12 oz cans each of alcohol.

  • All alcohol must be in cans. No glass is allowed on the pedal pub bike

  • Must be 21+ to drink on the bike

  • No hard liquor

  • Cooler is provided

  • BYOI (ice, that is)

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While we love to listen to your music (unless it's country--just kidding, we'll tolerate it just for you!), during public rides pre-selected playlists are ready to go. However, we are kind of like a DJ in the sense that we'll take requests, but as long as everyone on the ride agrees. Music must not be (too) vulgar. 

On private tours we're happy to plug and play with our Bluetooth stereo.

Other Services

Our owner, Tristine Fleming, has over 20+ years in Event Management and 15+ years experience in the tourism industry (yeah, she's old...old school, that is!). She's happy to plan your event for you for an additional charge. These services include:


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